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©The Fairview Business & Residence Directory came into existence in the late 1970’s out of a need to promote local business. At that time, there was very limited media exposure available between businesses and the Fairview community other than walk in traffic.


As a result, this convenient book was well received and became a welcome publication year after year. It provided a ready info source for both the long term resident and the newly transplanted Fair-view-ians, in finding the product or service locally while staying with the theme “Buy Local”. Our printed Directory is delivered to every doorstep in the city of Fairview and we extend our deliveries into the surrounding countryside of Franklin, Primm Springs, Bon Aqua, and other parts of Williamson, Dickson, Hickman and Davidson counties.


As our Directory has evolved over the years our focus has stayed on the needs of the Fairview community and those local businesses whom have chosen to set up shop in this community we call Home. At your fingertips we provide information from our residential and business phone listing, to the local, county, and state government, to civic, church, & schools systems.


And once again ©The Fairview Business & Residence Directory has stepped up to the changing times and is now providing, along with our annual printed publication, a web page giving folks current data on today’s Community. www.FairviewDirectory.com


This publication or web page doesn’t just happen without the support of our Fairview community. We have been your locally owned business and residence directory for nearly 40 years and as always we say “Please support your local businesses” who makes our “printed” and now “internet” publication possible.
Published by AC Projects, Inc.


Joe Chapdelaine; Senior Editor
7376 Walker Road-Fairview, TN 37062


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